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Asphalt laying, Road surfacing, pothole repairs and more in Lanarkshire

Want to ensure your car park is free from potholes? RM Kennedy & Sons Ltd uses high-quality road laying materials to make sure the end results delight you. Get in touch with us today.
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Road Surfacing in Scotland

  • Anti-skid surfacing
  • Asphalt surfacing
  • Car park surfaces
  • Farm road surfacing
  • Footpath surfacing
  • Forecourt surfaces
  • Tarmacadam surfacing
  • Re-surfacing
  • Pothole repairs
  • Asphalt laying
RM Kennedy & Sons provide a comprehensive range of road surfacing solutions for industrial, commercial and private or residential clients throughout Scotland. 

Our road surfacing Scotland team can visit your site to carry out a survey. As a road surfacing contractor, we have been completing surveys for many years. A survey is incredibly important as it allows one of our surfacing contractors order to fully understand your requirements and offer an accurate and competitive quote.

 Our professional road services include tarmac laying, pothole repair and other road repair services. 

Does your sports area need an anti-skid surface?
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We offer reliable workmanship

Our surfacing experience covers a variety of situations from footpaths and farm roads, pothole repairs, right through to garage forecourts and car parks. At RM Kennedy & Sons Ltd, based in Lanarkshire, we are committed to the jobs we undertake and offer long lasting and reliable workmanship. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.
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Pothole Repairs Glasgow & Lanarkshire

Potholes are formed by water seeping through cracks in the asphalt surface of a road. This causes problems and as the temperatures drops, the water inside of the road freezes causing the road surface to rupture. Due to the amount of rain which occurs in Scotland this problem is not uncommon and as the ice melts it leaves breakage below the surface, which then collapses under the weight of vehicles. 

Are you looking for Pothole repairs in Glasgow? Whether the pothole you are faces with is big or small, potholes can vary greatly from fretted joints to small patches. At RM Kennedy & Sons we can fix this problem before it becomes a real problem.

If you are the owner of commercial land, then it is important that your roads and potholes are treated regularly. At RM Kennedy & Sons we also do emergency call outs as well as preventative maintenance of asphalt and tarmac surfacing. 

If you are the owner of a domestic property that has a pothole in its driveway, we can also visit you home to fix this. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse as in most cases, potholes will only get bigger. Potholes can spread, becoming deep holes and ruts that could easily damage vehicles. Wherever you are based in Glasgow or the south west we can provide a solution to each specific type of pothole repair. 

Our road surfacing will repair potholes and can apply a surface dressing to the road which is deteriorating. The price of pothole repair in Glasgow may vary as each job is individually assessed during a site survey.

During Pothole Repairs, the road surfacing expert should firstly remove loose debris and standing water from the area. Once this is done they will cut out a picture frame around the pothole. Once the pothole is filled they will the seal and prime the edges and base with seal up the edges with bitumen.  Get in touch with our pothole repairs team today for costs and details.

Road Surfacing Benefits 

There are many benefits of Road surfacing. The techniques that we use are long established and there are many advantages of choosing road surfacing contractors:

• Low maintenance costs 
• Decreased life-time costs
• Professional design 
• Excellent ride quality

RM Kennedy & Sons specialise in road surface services and do both machine laid and hand laid asphalt and macadam surfacing for driveways, car parks, carriageways, agricultural roads, commercial premises and footpaths.

We have been surfacing roads and completing pothole repairs in Glasgow for many years. RM Kennedy & Sons is a family-run business with over years’ experience in road surfacing. Our services include laying asphalt and tarmac road surfaces. We make sure that are customers are completely happen from start to finish as we deliver quality road surfacing work and customer service. 

Many of our customers have very kindly left us reviews about our pothole repairs and road surfacing services, find out more about what our customers have had to say about out work in our testimonials section. 

“First class thorough job done to replace crumbling surface layer of my tarmac driveway. Work was completed quickly and professionally.”

Choose RM Kennedy & Sons Road Surfacing Glasgow Team

RM Kennedy & Sons are an established company based in Glasgow and the south west region of Scotland. Our road surfacing Glasgow team has over 25 years of experience and we offer one of the most qualified and diverse road surfacing services in the country. 
Our professional workmen will undertake any surfacing and re-surfacing work. We serve domestic, commercial and industrial customers from home owners through to supermarket chains and local authorities. RM Kennedy & Sons take responsibility for the full planning and design of our surfacing and roadwork projects, so that our customers can be safe in the knowledge that their project is in expert hands. 

Why choose RM Kennedy & Sons? 

• Free estimates 
• Competitive Prices 
• Full planning
• Design Services
• Great Customer Service  

If you do not invest in pothole repairs, serious damage can occur which may cost you more money in the long run. Road surface dressing is a cost effective way of restoring a road surface and sealing it in one process, preventing much more expensive work being needed later.

Road Surface Dressing

Overtime it is common for roads; car parks or footpaths begin to wear. You will notice this as cracks appear on the surface dressing. This means that your roads will need to be fixed by a professional road surfacing team.  There are many benefits of pothole repairs and road surfacing, it makes the road stronger and safer for drivers and pedestrians. 

Surface dressing involves spraying the road surface with a coating of hot bitumen, this material is often referred to as a binder. In most cases, the coating will be covered with stone chippings which are rolled into the bitumen to form a water resistant, protective layer.

The Benefits of Road Surface Dressing
For years’ surface dressing has been used on our roads and it is now a long established road maintenance technique. If you are considering our road surfacing services then we would suggest that you opt for road surface dressing, due to its many benefits. 
  • Provides a waterproof seal to a surface of the carriageway or footpath
  • Prevents the ingress of water and the subsequent damage to underlying foundations
  • Increases the skid resistance of a surface course by providing increased texture depth
  • Provides a decorative appearance to the carriageway or footway by using naturally coloured aggregates.

Surfacing Contractors: Who We Work With 

Whether you are looking for domestics, commercial or industrial services, we provide road surfacing services across Scotland. In the past we have worked with clients across a number of sectors and have also worked on domestic road surfacing projects. 

• Facilities Management Contractors  
• Schools, Universities & Colleges 
• Civil Engineering Contractors 
• Local Authorities & Councils
• Sports Grounds & Facilities 
• Commercial Estate Agents 
• Building Contractors  
• Private Individuals
• Utility Contractors

As mentioned above, the projects which we have worked on have varied and as we undertake all aspects of road surfacing, we can fix motorways, private roads, trunk roads, airfields, race tracks, footpaths, cycle paths, housing estate roads and private car parks amongst many others. 

Are you looking for surfacing contractors at the last minute? Get in touch. Our team of professionals can work at short notice periods. Whether you are looking for contractors to work short or long term, our experienced operatives offer quality road surfacing services. 

Asphalt Surfacing 

Asphalt Surfacing in Glasgow is not only an efficient way to protect the roads in or near your property, it can be extremely cost effective when it is completed by asphalt contractors. We know that there are other asphalt paving companies in Glasgow, however, we and our clients like to think that we are the best.  

Our asphalt surface team offer our customers everything from free advice over the phone to services for huge projects. We can offer various solutions to you no matter what the size of project, get in touch with out asphalt paving company to tell us about yours. 

As a family business and paving contractors, we take pride in the work that we do. We work extremely hard from start to finish and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding work. We have been doing this type of work for many years and have an excellent relationship with our suppliers which, one of the reasons why our services are so cost efficient.

Carpark Surfacing 

Carpark surfacing is vital and protection solutions are essential if you intend on extending car park life. Carpark repairs can be expensive; therefore, you should always invest on road surfacing from a surfacing contractor. Carpark surfacing is one of our most popular services and we would be happy to show you examples of our work. 

Make sure that your carpark is surfaced and safe to use, car park owners now recognise that in addition to being a functional structure for parking cars, their car parks must be cared for over time to avoid any accidents or damaged. We can provide pothole repairs inside of carparks. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about road surfacing in Glasgow and Scotland. 

Footpath Surfacing

Our tarmac company provides footpath surfacing. Scottish countryside paths often a natural surface. Over time these footpaths can muddy, which may cause health and safety problems. If your foot path requires tarmac then we offer foot path surfacing as one of our services.  Get in touch today if you would like more information about our footpath surfacing services. A member of our footpath surfacing team can talk you through all of your options. 

Farm Road Surfacing 

We offer road surfacing services to those who own farm roads and country estates. Owning your own land is an excellent thing, however, if you do not look after it, your list of problems will only get longer and longer. 

At RM Kennedy & Sons we install tar drives and apply tarmac overlay to roads which have deteriorated over the years. Once we have added the layer of tarmac we dress the surface of the road to ensure that the material has set. Tarmac and asphalt are excellent options as they are extremely hard wearing.

Anti-skid Surfacing 

We are expert paving contractors. Are you looking for a road surfacing contractor that provides anti-skid surfacing? RM Kennedy & Sons can help you improve the safety of any road with high-friction surfacing. This type of road surfacing is designed to reduce braking distances and skidding especially in emergency or wet conditions.

We are often asked about this service, however, it is normally used in roads that approach pedestrian crossings, junctions and roundabouts. At RM Kennedy & Sons we only use the best materials which are designed to reduce the risk of loss of control accidents by providing anti-skid dressing and road retexturing.

Road Planings

Our road surfacing team can also provide road planings. Road planings are are a by-product of road resurfacing. This can only be done by road and tarmac specialists as it is the process of removing and recycling existing road surfaces.

laying a tarmac drive or road is extremely complex and by road planning a member of our team can reuse materials as secondary surfacing at a new location. This service is sustainable and is becoming more popular as it reduces the environmental impact of any sustainable project.
If you are looking for road planing in Glasgow or the south west of Scotland, we can help. Whatever you are looking for our tarmac road surface team have the skill and experience to accommodate any project size. 

Surfacing contractors can provide this service for both the private and public sector where road planings can be applied to almost any surface. Our team of tarmacadam experts use this service usually on farm tracks and open flat spaces. If you have any questions about road planing, please contact us or call our tarmac specialists today. 

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