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Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne

Tarmac Contractors

At RM Kennedy & Sons, we have a reputation for excellence when it comes to laying tarmac. It's a reputation we have worked hard to build and one that we work even harder to maintain. Our team of tarmacking specialists have been part of this industry for over 100 years, ensuring quality work every time.

We provide tarmacking solutions for domestic customers and commercial clients alike. We operate a nationwide tarmacking company, covering Glasgow, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Dundee, Carlisle, Newcastle upon Tyne, Falkirk, Kilmarnock, Dunfermline, Berwick upon Tweed and throughout the surrounding areas.

Tarmacking services

With decades of experience in laying tarmac, we have much to offer our customers across the country. Here is just a few of our more popular services.

Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne
High Quality Tarmac

Tarmac is an extremely versatile surfacing material with dozens of applications. At RM Kennedy & Sons, we use only the best tarmac, specially-formulated for its durability. This tarmac and asphalt mix is hard-wearing and long-lasting, the perfect material for starting new projects and patching old ones. Whatever your tarmacking needs, we have the solution for you.

Tarmac Driveways

We offer a couple of different tarmacking solutions for domestic and commercial driveways. These are tarmac and asphalt for a long-lasting driveway, and tar and chip for less durable, but more attractive driveways. Both are installed to the highest standard, based on your specific requirements. For more information, check out our detailed Driveways page elsewhere on this site.

Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne
Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne
Tarmac Patios

Tarmac patios are laid much like tarmac driveways. Quicker to install than traditional concrete and block paving, tarmac is also a more versatile material for patios. As well as laying the tarmac patio for you, we will design the perfect patio based on your suggestions. This way, our team of experienced tarmacking professionals can produce your dream patio.

Tarmac Laying

Tarmac has so many uses outside of roads, driveways and patios, that it’s no wonder it's such a popular surfacing material. At RM Kennedy & Sons, we have put it to all manner of uses across the country. It’s ideal for car parks, play areas, paths, outside smoking areas, fire assembly points, and more.

Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne
Tarmac Contractors | Dundee | Carlisle | Newcastle upon Tyne
Tarmac Resurfacing

As hardy a material as it is, even tarmac doesn't last forever. After years of use and thousands of cars traveling over it, it needs touching up. Usually a stretch of tarmac starts to give way at the edges. Tarmac resurfacing gives the whole area a fresh layer of tarmac, with particular attention being paid to the sides.

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More Services That We Provide

Tarmac Repairs

Not every damaged or deteriorated stretch of tarmac in Glasgow needs a complete resurfacing job. Sometimes, it’s enough to fill and patch any dips, divots, or potholes. Our tarmacking experts will take a look and determine the best course of action for you. Where we can repair a given section of tarmac, we will do so.

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White Lining

Once we've completed your tarmac surfacing in Glasgow, we can also apply any relevant markings you might need. These might include road markings, designating parking spaces, priority parking bays, play area decals, and more. We have all the equipment we need, including several colour options, so there is always a lining solution for you.

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Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping refers to the foundation or groundwork of any major landscaping project. It covers the design of the project, drainage and irrigation requirements, foundations and footings, and more. It is the stuff you don't see in a landscaped garden, the bits below the topsoil and greenery. Tarmac is a versatile and malleable way to achieve this.

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Nationwide Tarmacking Specialists

RM Kennedy & Sons is based in Shotts, Lanarkshire. While we are proud of our Scottish history, we don't restrict ourselves to our immediate customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We are a nationwide tarmacking solutions provider. We regular venture past Ayr and Carlisle, providing our essential tarmacking services right across the country.

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