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RM Kennedy & Sons Ltd offers high-quality tarmac driveways. We provide installations for residential and commercial properties across Lanarkshire, Central Scotland and the surrounding areas.
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Tarmac Driveways: Why should you choose us?

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Domestic Tarmac Driveways

Here at RM Kennedy & Sons, we provide resilient tarmac driveways, at competitive rates for our domestic clients. As a business, we understand the fundamental difference between a house and a home: we understand the important role played by the tarmac driveway as an extension of yourself, in adding to the warmth and welcoming nature of your family home to friends and neighbours alike. Our expertly designed and fitted driveways, sealed with our signature immaculate finish will wow friends and family as well as practically provide for your family home. 

As tarmacadam driveway specialists, our workmen are fully responsible for the safe fitting of your tarmac driveway. As such, all of our tarmac driveways in Glasgow and across Scotland, whatever the design or material, are guaranteed to withstand the rapid to-ing and fro-ing of heavy vehicles, as part and parcel of a hectic schedule and busy family life. With RM Kennedy & Sons, you can rest assured that our workmen will ensure the secure fitting of your tarmac driveway, and thus the safety of lively children running around your garden. And should you choose to plan your new tarmac driveway with our experts, we can guarantee no clean-up on your part after! 

Our workmen understand the strains of everyday life placed on you, and want to make the transition between your old driveway and your new as simple, and stress-free as possible. So sit back, relax, and let our experts take charge of the task at hand, and the clean-up to follow. No matter what size of job you need us for we can provide a tarmac driveways cost over the phone. Tarmacing a drive can make your home look cleaner from the outside, one of the reasons why many of our customers enquire about the cost of tarmac a drive.

In addition to tarmacadam driveways, RM Kennedy & Sons specialise in other domestic tarmac driveways and surfacing tasks, such as laying tarmac patios. If this is something that appeals to you, our experts welcome all queries- please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about tarmac patios or driveways! 

Commercial Tarmac Driveways

At RM Kennedy & Sons, we are nothing if not adaptable! As in domestic tarmac driveways cases, we understand the importance of a driveway in adding to the overall image of professionalism for your business. However, we also understand the off-putting appearance of road services to potential clients and customers. That’s why we operate an efficient service, ensuring the quick yet nonetheless secure fitting of a new blacktop driveway for your company. In this way, our service will provide an expert service for your company without impinging on regular business hours. 

Generally, as driveways for commercial purposes tend to be a larger job, we do recommend that companies contact us well in advance of the estimated project date, in order that we can accurately assess the size of the space, the time and cost of the project, and the team required in order to fulfill the client needs.  By tarring a driveway in your property, your customers will notice how much effort your business goes to to keep it looking pristine. 

If you are wondering how much tarmac driveways cost, get in touch with our tarmac services team today we would be happy to give you an estimation over the phone. 

Choose a look that’s right for your property

RM Kennedy & Sons Ltd offers a range of designs to choose from. Whether it’s a house or a commercial space, we can cater to any size. We ensure you are delighted with our work.

Many driveway companies do not provide blacktop driveways and that is why you should always hire tarmac contractors or a tarmac company

We provide tarmac driveways in Edinburgh and tarmac driveways in Glasgow. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in detail. We can give you a tarmac driveways cost before we get started with any work!
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Blacktop Driveways

Alongside specialising in roadwork services and repairs, at RM Kennedy & Sons we are also experts in designing and implementing driveways for commercial and industrial companies, as well as your home. At RM Kennedy & Sons, we strive to make your driveway desires a reality, combining your personal or commercial needs, with our creativity and roadwork savoir-faire. 

At RM Kennedy & Sons, we provide driveways in both Asphalt and Tarmac, or indeed in Tar-and-Chip, entirely dependent on the needs and demands of our clients.  We also offer tarmac drive repair. 

Tarmacadam driveways: Materials

The driveways provided by RM Kennedy & Sons are installed in either Tarmac and Asphalt, or Tar-and-Chip. Both materials are hard-working and offer your driveway an attractive appearance, but we at RM Kennedy & Sons understand that each client is an individual: it’s important to us to find the driveway that will work best for you. Resurfacing tarmac driveway can change the appearance of your home and we would be happy to show you examples of tarmac driveway installation. 

We also offer driveway tarmac repair, with our tarmac driveways team this can be quick and easy. Whether your tarmac drive repair is small, medium or large we can help you seal it back up for good. Simply call us today to find our more about tarmac and asphalt driveway repair. We would be happy to give you a cost of tarmac driveway repair. 

When you contact our tarmacadam driveways team, we will be able to explore the material that best suits your needs in greater detail, but until then, here is a quick run-down of the fitting process, and the varying benefits of these discrete tarmacadam driveways materials: 

Tarmac and Asphalt  

If you’re looking for tarmacadam driveways that will stand the test of time, it would be best to consider the plenitude of advantages in opting for the Tarmac and Asphalt material. A durable substance, Tarmac and Asphalt is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that tarmacadam driveways are subjected to daily. This is due to the flexible nature of the material, making it less likely to break. Indeed, experts in the asphalt driveway installation sector estimate that this material can in fact last from twelve years, to anywhere up to thirty-five with the right care and attention. Moreover, in terms of maintenance, the requirements for Tarmac and Asphalt driveways are relatively low. Specialists, and we ourselves would recommend that clients who opt for this material clean the tarmacadam driveway twice a year to keep it in the best possible condition. In order to thoroughly clean your tarmac driveway, clients need only to use a stiff brush or hose in order to clear away any debris or dirt that will naturally build up over time, in order to prevent future difficulties. Aside from this low level of maintenance, Tarmac and Asphalt are highly attractive materials. With its long lifespan, Tarmac and Asphalt boast the performance of concrete, while costing but a fraction of the price- experts agree that the cost of laying Tarmac and Asphalt can cost clients up to fifty percent less than concrete. 

As driveway contractors, we also provide coloured tarmac drives, although it should be noted by clients that these cost more than the standard black pigment. Moreover, unlike concrete, Tarmac and Asphalt are permeable materials, allowing water to drain easily through the surface- a fact which makes these materials hugely popular across the UK. The Tarmac and Asphalt installation process is a simple, and relatively fast one- it is initially applied as a hot liquid to a pre-existing surface, after which the mixture is left to cool down and set. For many clients, it is the smooth and well-kept final appearance of a Tarmac and Asphalt driveway that is most attractive. Find our more about tarmac laying here.


Hiring driveway contractors means that the job will be completed in no time at all. If you are looking for tarmac for driveways. Another beautiful driveway option that we at RM Kennedy & Sons offer our clients is a tarmac chippings driveway. While this option is aesthetically pleasing for many customers, it must be stated that this type of driveway has a significantly shorter lifespan than that of a Tarmac and Asphalt driveway. On average, a Tar-and-Chip driveway will last between seven and ten years before it needs to be resurfaced. Yet on the plus side, should clients choose this particular material for their driveway, it requires next to no maintenance. Moreover, as a material, Tar-and-Chip is somewhat safer than Tarmac and Asphalt. For Glasgow driveways, the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions is absolutely essential! Indeed, by opting for Tar-and-Chip material, clients may find themselves in better footing during the winter months, when Tarmac and Asphalt can be somewhat slippery, and therefore dangerous. Similar to the Tarmac and Asphalt application, the installation of a Tar-and-Chip is quick and pain-free, although good weather conditions are an absolute must! As such, we generally fit these driveways during the summer in order to ensure dry conditions. The hot liquid Asphalt sticks best to dry, warm surfaces. After this is applied to the surface area, it is essential that the chips are scattered over the Asphalt within one to two minutes, in order to prevent the liquid solidifying. The option of a Tar-and-Chip driveway is on average less expensive than that of a Tarmac and Asphalt, and for many the scattered stone effect is more attractive and more easily maintained. 

Tarmac Driveway Contractors

RM Kennedy & Sons is a family-run business, based in Shotts, mid-way between Glasgow and Edinburgh. We provide roadwork services and repairs for both domestic and commercial clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across the south-west region of Scotland, including Ayrshire, Galloway and Dumfriesshire.

 With over twenty-five years of road re-working and improving experience, we pride ourselves on the professional and efficient service we provide in the domain of resurfacing tarmac.  As we also provide driveway tarmac repair, we can help you with any maintenance of your current tarmac driveway. 

Our high standard of work is showcased in our gallery, where you will find an impressive portfolio of the business’ completed work. However, at RM Kennedy & Sons, what we really feel sets us apart from our competitors is our status as a close, family-run business. Our name is our business: a fact seen in the personable relationship we enjoy with our clients. 

While remaining experts in the field of tarmac driveways, our surfacing contractors in Glasgow and the south-west of Scotland are approachable and friendly, happy to answer any queries you may have and to assist you in realising the tarmacadam driveway of your dreams. 

Contact us about tarmac drives

If you are thinking how much is it to tarmac a drive? Or whatever the tarmac driveways query, our team of driveway resurfacing contractors will be more than happy to aid and assist you in your pursuit of the perfect driveway, for your home or business. As a close-knit, independent business, our work is driven by a desire to provide an excellent service, tailor-made to the needs of our clients. 

You will not find tarmac driveway specialists in Glasgow or the surrounding area, better qualified than us. 

Are you looking for a tarmac driveway cost? Drop us an email on: or give us a call on either: 07967 716720 or 07788 858705, in order to discuss your blacktop driveway desires with one of our many experts at the south-west of Scotland’s leading name in tarmac driveways.  
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